The Elandguard Project


Litigation over land has cost individuals and organizations a lot of money. Disputed lands come with long drawn out court cases which are a source of frustration to the parties involved. There is a need for a public land registry that is available for the general public for transparency. In Africa land ownership is mainly proven by land occupation. As a result landowners tend to build a small structures on their plots after purchase however with large plots this tends to be a problem. Individuals are sometimes hired to be watchmen over lands, these people are called land guards.


Elandguard Service

This is a blockchain and a solar powered IOT based service for showing land ownership both on a public registry and physically on the site. The Elandguard blockchain will maintain a ledger of land purchase transaction which will be verified with the Lands Commision of the Government of Ghana. The IOT based system will be on the customer’s site and provide the landowner with real time visuals. It features an intrusion detection system placed on the boundaries of the land to detect intruder entry on the property.


Elandguard Process

  • Confirm the validity of the issued land title with the Lands Commission of Ghana

  • Survey the land

  • Record the property GPS coordinates with a GPS device

  • Install Elandguard on the site

  • Submit the collected data and information into the Blockchain ledger

  • Issue a certificate to owner

  • Upload information on website and provide owner with portal to view land



  1. Displays owner of the land and other information on a screen for anyone who visits the site. This information will be verifyable from the lands commision.

  2. GPS and internet connection enables coordinates to be plotted on website ( which will also store owner information.

  3. Camera takes pictures and records video of site. A pir sensor can be incorporated so that the camera will move in the direction that motion is detected.

  4. Contractors who go to work on an owner’s land will be able to check in and checkout using the device. This will help owners who are building to track the whereabouts of their contractors. This can be done using a fingerprint scanner or qr code.

  5. It will enable land owners locate their lands easily.

  6. Blockchain registry is immutable and therefore website will give accurate information on land ownership.